Analytics tells you problems,
UXCam shows you the solution.

Capture and visualize user behavior data.
Improve the usability of your app.

Capture Everything

UXCam automatically records all events in your app, providing insights into user behavior and helping you solve problems that users encounter.

SDK Available for

Available for iOS Available for android
Screen and camera recordings:

Experience the app through your users' eyes.

touch point
Physical interactions:

Capture all touch points and gestures.

User engagement data:

Get detailed metrics on views, sessions, and retention.

contextualized data
Contextualized data:

Watch video recordings correlated with user interactions.

Reproduce the steps that lead to app crashes and other bugs.

Navigation flows:

See where and why people
are dropping off.

Touch heat maps:

Find out which elements users focus on the most in your app.

Visualize and understand user behavior

Simple and powerful visualization tools in the UXCam dashboard allow you to gain valuable insights about what users want.

Filter data by users, country, device and many other variables.

Easy integration,
Zero performance overhead

UXCam was built to have the smallest footprint on app performance and network bandwidth as possible.

Data is captured in the background and sent to the UXCam server upon app exit.

Start getting data with just 2 lines of code that take 2 minutes to integrate.

Less than 1MB of bandwidth per minute of video recorded.

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